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Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a leading international CRO (contract research organization) company focused on R&D and services to create innovative antibody drugs. The company has established an integrated innovative antibody drug R&D laboratory of several thousand square meters with advanced facilities in Caohejing Hi-Tech Park. During the last five years, Sanyou built and validated more than 20 core technological platforms such as: innovative antibody drug discovery, antibody engineering, in vivo and in vitro drug efficacy evaluation, stable cell line construction, and production process development.

Sanyou’s R&D team has extensive experience with new drug discovery, IND filing and clinical trial management. As of March 2020, Sanyou has provided hundreds of innovative antibody drug projects and core technical services to more than 100 well-known domestic and global pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, completed hundreds of antibody screening and engineering projects, as well as dozens of integrated innovative antibody drug discovery projects. Representative projects include discoveries and validations of monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) targeting CLDN18.2, PD-L1, CD47, CD40, ANG2, BCMA, IL17 among others. 80% of our clients are repeat customers.

Core Business

Sanyou bio focuses on the early stage of research and development of the discovery of antibody drug, from "antigen and antibody production" to "animal pharmacodynamic screening", and provides integrated antibody drug development services. Our core business includes internationally advanced and domestically leading technology sub-platforms, such as "integrated protein expression and antigen preparation", "diversified antibody production", "innovative antibody engineering", "systematic antibody drug functional screening", "high-efficiency antibody drugability evaluation", "large-capacity phage display fully human antibody library", "integrated innovative monoclonal antibody drug discovery" can meet the various needs of early development of antibody drugs.

Platform Overview

Focusing on the key stages of early discovery of antibody drugs, Sanyou bio is committed to leading Chinese and international world-class innovative antibody R&D and project incubation platforms. Currently, six core technology platforms and five additional technology platforms have been established, and we have provided four types of large-scale high-tech systemization technical services based on these platforms.

Team Iintroduction

Sanyou Bio has a highly educated core team of scientific research professionals. As an innovative enterprise with antibody R&D as its core, Sanyou Bio has gathered outstanding talents from across the world. They have worked together to build the rapid development of Sanyou bio and the realization of its great dreams. Our team members are young, energetic, innovative, and brave enough to face the challenges of advancing science forward.

In 2017, as part of the “over 100 billion capacity fully human antibody library” cooperation plan, our technical team made use of our unique advantages to construct a world-leading antibody library to assist global scientific research and benefit society.

Our antibody technology team works for the company's antibody customization and antibody library development. Our team members have on average Three years of experience in antibody technology research and development. Since the establishment of this team, hundreds of related services have been successfully delivered.

Our team are skilled innovators,difficulties and never give up while focused on their goals. Their first-class technical abilities and innovative spirit ensure the rapid growth of R&D to expand the company's antibody libraries.

State-of-the Art Laboratories

Our company has more than 200 instruments including AKTA, HPLC, flow cytometers, Fortebio protein interaction analyzers, magnetic bead high-throughput screening systems, multi-function microplate readers, micro-organism and mammalian cell electro-transfection instruments among other first-class instruments and equipment. Sanyou Bio has all the instruments and equipment needed for molecular biology, protein expression and purification, cell strain construction, antibody drug functional screening, antibody engineering and antibody physicochemical analysis.

Social Honor

Sanyou Bio has received numerous social and academic awards based on the success of our science platforms and technical services:

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